Employer Branding - Why it's an Investment Worth Making

Aug 27, 2019 3:33:45 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

Today customers have hundreds if not thousands of options for products that solve very similar problems. How can you win in ultra-competitive markets?

Well, investing in employer branding is something that can help. Hiring and retaining talent is a crucial part of building a successful company.

That's why we caught up with Byran Adams, CEO, and founder of PH creative, an agency dedicated to helping large companies with their employer branding.

We talk:

- Why PH creative changed from generating demand for companies to helping them with their employer branding, and how that helped their agency to grow.

- Three things employees look for in a company when deciding if they should work there.

- Why Bryan doesn't shy away from working with any brands regardless of their culture.

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Time Stamped Notes

[8:55] Byran ended up starting PH creative because of how a previous employer treated him. For the first 12 months, he struggled to get any clients.

[11:05] Byran still hasn't reached the point where he feels he knows everything about growing a successful company. There is always a new set of problems for an entrepreneur to solve. If Byran had known how difficult building a business would have been, he might have never started the company. Being naive about those problems helped him.

[12:40] In the early days of PH creative Byran would often hire people he liked. He didn't take enough time to check if they could do the job. When Bryan started to put a rigid process in place for hiring talent, he saw a sizeable impact on the agency.

[14:50] PH creative now are very diligent about hiring people who are a fit for their culture. They see every employee as a guardian of that culture, so during the interview process, a candidate will meet several people across the agency.

[18:10] PH creative recently began to focus on employer branding as their core competency. They now help large organizations improve their employee branding to attract talent. It's helped them to stand out in the crowded space of digital marketing agencies.

[20:25] Most of PH creatives potential clients are now large organizations who have dedicated budget to put towards employer branding. Those companies already understand why it's valuable to invest in their employer brand. Bryan and team don't need to explain that value. Instead, they spend all of their time demonstrating how they can improve it.

[22:30] Employees today want to join a company where they can have a purpose, where they can make an impact and a culture that feels like an excellent fit for them.

[26:10] Bryan doesn't shy away from working with companies that could be perceived to have a bad culture. PH creative's role is to explain what it's like to work at a company, so people make better choices about the companies they work for.

[28:45] Websites like Glassdoor provide a tremendous long-term measure of how PH creative's work is helping to improve the brand of an employer.

[30:30] A fantastic example of PH creative's work is the GVC career site.

[32:30] Every company Byran has started to work with could benefit from telling their story better to improve their employer branding.

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