Forget about Leads. It's the Top and Bottom of your Funnel that matters.

Apr 2, 2020 4:58:27 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

In this episode on the GrowthTLDR, we're welcoming Garrett Mehrguth back to the podcast. In the first episode, Garrett took us through the founding story of his agency, Directive Consulting.

We're back to talk about all things sales outreach and brand advertising. Garrett goes through how to create the perfect sales outreach email and why they should read like a great movie.

We also go into brand advertising. Garrett talks us through why you shouldn't focus your efforts on generating leads, and instead focus on being visible at the top and bottom of your funnel.

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Time Stamped Notes:

[3:15] - We talk about what a great sales outreach email looks like for B2B companies. The best sales emails are like great movies; they have a strong opener, character development in the middle, and a strong ending. One of the crucial quality checks Garrett does is to read the emails from his SDR team and ask, "does it sounds like this email was only meant for me?."

[8:20] - Garrett's sales team use ConnectandSell to make 6000 dials a month across three people. 

[10:35] - Garrett talks about the different phases his sales development team have gone through. His team continually split test various emails, including the subject line and content, before standardizing what works.

[13:05] - One of the essential parts of an excellent email outreach campaign is the quality of the copy. You need to invest in both the copy and to update the creative continually. 

[15:45] - We talk to Garrett about the value of brand advertising. The first thing Garrett does before starting his brand advertising campaigns is to use the LinkedIn Sales navigator to map out his total addressable market. He goes through the entire process. To validate the quality of a network like Google GDN, Garrett builds an audience pixel on LinkedIn to see how many impressions match against active LinkedIn profiles.

[24:05] - To be successful, Garrett thinks you should forget about leads and the middle of your funnel. What Garrett prefers to do is map out his audience and do brand advertising around his companies key strengths, so he captures a lot of attention at the top of the funnel. At the bottom, he wants to make sure he visible when his audience is making purchase decisions.

[27:35] - Garrett feels a lot of B2B brands become a slave to their metrics, which limits their creativity. 

[30:00] - To help his agency get better at SaaS marketing, Garrett launched two internal SaaS products - Pulse, a database of SaaS companies, split across verticals. Institute, a learning management system to help train their clients on SEO and PPC. 

[34:20] - Garrett takes us through how he managed to build two SaaS products without distracting his company from servicing their clients.

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