How AI Helps Brands Discover Their Audience

May 7, 2019 4:50:27 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What we cover in EP39

We've all seen the film Terminator (or at least you should have). But, are we going to see mass termination of marketing jobs as AI becomes ever more intelligent?

On episode 39 of the GrowthTLDR we talk to founder and CEO of LighteningAI, Colette Nataf about the effects of AI in marketing.

We cover:

- How Colette used her time working for successful B2B SaaS companies to validate her business idea.
- Why AI is better placed to help brands find the long-tail of their interest groups
- How Colette is building a low touch self-serve business model
- and much more...


We hope you enjoy learning from Colette.

Happy Growing!

Time Stamped Notes:

[2:50] Kieran and Colette guess quotes from well-known movies about AI :)

[8:50] Colette tells the story of how she founded LighteningAI and how they solve the challenge of how to better target audiences on Facebook.

[13:50] We talk about how Colette validated the idea for her company by joining Intercom and building bespoke tools for demand gen.

[15:15] Colette codes minimal viable versions of her product and then works with another developer who turns them into working versions for her customers.

[16:50] LighteningAI started as an agency who leverage their AI tools to manage large client accounts. Colette didn't feel that model would be scalable so released a version of their custom tool online for others to use and that was the start of their SaaS business.

[23:30] A self-serve model works great for both LighteningAI's SMB's and enterprise clients. People care that the product delivers success for them and are ok with not having to talk with a human to get that success.

[25:30] There has been a real boom in companies positioning their products as having AI. Colette talks about the different categories of companies which include AI as part of their branding.

[29:30] AI won't cause all paid advertising to compete on budget alone, companies creative, branding and product can still help them perform better than competitors.

[31:20] Over saturation isn't a huge concern in the B2C space when it comes to paid advertising.

[35:00] Turning a channel off for some time can help you understand how much that channel is influencing your metrics.

[37:15] Pelaton put a lot of effort into their branding and creative to make their paid marketing successful.

[40:40] LighteningAI helped Pelaton to discover a core part of their audience was people who were staying at hotels which had a Pelaton in their gym. The power in AI is to help brands discover the long-tail of their interest groups.

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