How GoSkills is Growing Through Bite-Sized Education

Oct 20, 2020 9:02:00 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to Bhavneet Chahal, the CEO, and co-founder of GoSkills, about taking the company to 2 million in revenue.

GoSkills is an online education company. They have 18 people who all work remotely.

We talk to Bhavneet about how she started GoSkills are working at Groupon and seeing how successful promotions for courses were. We get into how Bhav differentiated her courses from competitors and what channels she pivoted to for growth after Groupon's reach began to diminish.

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Time Stamped Notes

- GoSkills was founded in 2013; they're now at 18 people, are fully distributed, and are at 2 million in ARR.

- Online education company. Bite-sized business videos, between 3 to 5 minutes.

- Bhavneet used to work at Groupon; she noticed promotions around courses performed exceptionally well. However, she felt there was a big gap in delivering better courses. She focused on providing courses that had short videos, were interactive, and came from true experts. Bhavneet feels it's that focus on quality that differentiates from competitors.

- GoSkills target market is business professionals. 

- Bhavneet and her co-founder funded the development of the first courses by GoSkills and promoted them through Groupon. They recouped their investment.

- Bhavneet looked to what was selling on Groupon to decide on the first topics she would create courses for. 

- Overtime, Bhavneet could see Groupon's reach diminishing; she also saw repeat purchasers from Groupon were very low. Bhavneet and her team pivoted to SEO and content as growth channels to acquire better fit customers for their courses.

- Bhavneet talks through how GoSkills make their courses interactive

- Churn is a big challenge for online course providers, Bhavneet talks through how they solve for that at GoSkills.

- SEO has been working great as an acquisition channel for GoSkills. They've also started to invest in Youtube by creating unique content for that channel. Bhavneet talks about how to create content that's successful on Youtube.

- Bhavneet talks about how GoSkills keeps their instructors engaged in the business.

- We ask Bhavneet how GoSkills are planning to invest in learning on mobile.

- Bhavneet talks about the operating system the company has to keep all remote employees aligned. 

- Bhavneet talks about the tech tools her team uses to work remotely

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