Wellness and growth with serial entrepreneur Justin Kan (Atrium, Twitch, YC)

Jul 30, 2019 4:01:49 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

Most founders start a company with a dream of turning their idea into a hugely successful and profitable business. Not many succeed, but for those who do, what's life like after reaching that dream?

Justin Kan is someone who reached that dream. He founded Twitch.tv, which was sold to Amazon for $970 million, and is now founder/CEO of the fast-growing Atrium, which is aiming to create a better law firm for start-ups.

We talk to Justin about:

- How he has incorporated wellness into his everyday life, his daily routines, how he formed those habits, and how they're helping him to be a better founder.

- Why some companies grow to become uber-successful like Twitch and others don't.

- His reasons for starting Atrium and his goals to build a conscious company.

Happy Growing

Time Stamped Notes:

[2:30] Justin talks to us about ideas he has for businesses that he doesn't have time to launch himself.

[4:15] Justin gives us the reasons he got into wellness and the impact it's had on his life, both as a person and successful founder.

[8:00] Justin started practicing meditation using the headspace app but then changed to transcendental meditation, which is mantra meditation. He spends 40 mins a day doing that.

[9:35] In mantra meditation, you're assigned a mantra, and you're not supposed to divulge it to anyone else.

[11:35] Justin uses the 'Five Minute Journal,' which is a daily gratitude app. There is also a feature that asks for daily affirmations. Justin goes through what his affirmation is.

[13:15] One of the hardest parts about adopting new wellness routines in your life is forming habits around them. Justin goes through what he does to develop new habits around his routines. He recommends reading the book 'Atomic Habits,' tracking your streak in an app and not second-guessing yourself, just getting them done.

[16:40] Justin talks to us about why he gave up drinking and the positive impact it had on his life.

[21:15] We talk to Justin about his sale of Twitch.tv for $970 million to Amazon and how life changed for him after that sale.

[23:00] We ask Justin why does he think some of the apps he launched didn't become as successful as Twitch.

[24:25] Justin was initially motivated to start Atrium because he wanted to try to build a bigger company than Twitch and accelerate his learnings. As he began to invest in his wellness and mental health, he now wants to make a conscious company. He recommends the book '15 Commitments of a Conscious Leadership '.

[28:40] Justin tells us what he learned from taking physics and philosophy at Yale that has helped him to be a successful founder.

[33:20] We talk to Justin about his experience 'lifecasting,' which was an experiment to stream his life online 24/7 and how it helped him to become more comfortable with people.

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