How wants to be the Online Collaboration Platform for Remote Workers

Dec 3, 2019 1:30:49 PM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

You may have heard us talk a little about this thing called remote work :) It's going to be a big deal.

We're still in the infancy of remote work. Over the next five years, we're going to see an explosion in the tools created to help more people work in a distributed team and company.

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to David Baghdasaryan, who is the co-founder of, an online tool that helps to make remote calls and meetings way more professional.

We talk to Davit about:

- How is going to market via a bottom-up approach and how they've seen that land them deals with huge companies.

- The plans Davit has to make the online communication platform for remote workers.

- Why Davit has already started to consider how he and his co-founder can make more defensible against expected copycats.

Happy Growing!

Time Stamped Notes

[2:45] - We kick off the show talking about how AI is going to change the world. Davit recommends the book '21 Lessons for the 21st century'.

[4:30] - Davit talks about why they changed the name of the company from 2Hz to

[6:55] - David and the team launched as a free lead gen tool for the software they wanted to sell via a licensing model.

[9:10] - The idea for came from Davit's time working at Twilio when he had to do a lot of remote calls with other members of the team.

[10;45] - Davit talks about how they pivoted the business from a licensing model to a SaaS model.

[15:15] - Krisp's go-to-market is via bottoms up. They see employees in big companies adopt it first, and then it starts to expand within that company as more people discover it via that employee.

[20:50] - Davit talks about the mission of Krisp to allow anyone to work from anywhere in the world. Krisp is planning to launch a camera that will enable you to use different backgrounds when doing remote meetings.

[23:40] - Krisp doesn't store any data. Davit talks about that decision and why they made it, even though some investors told them it was wrong.

[28:00] - We talk about how David is creating defensibility for because it currently doesn't hold data/have network effects.

[32:25] - Davit talks about the role of patents when building unique technology.

[34:25] - When launched on AppSumo, they set a new record for the first day of sales.

[38:10] - Davit talks about how he plans to grow a distributed company with teams organized across different parts of the world.

[41:40] - David has set up a growth team for recently, and their main focus is improving weekly user activations.

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