How Martijn Scheijbeler Uses SEO to Grow Marketplaces

Jan 16, 2020 10:38:59 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What's it like to start a new marketing leadership role? What should you focus on for the first six months?

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to Martijn Scheijbeler, who is VP of marketing at RVShare, about his experience taking on a marketing leadership role at a growing company.

We cover:

- What are Martijn's go-to SEO techniques for growing a marketplace during his time at Postmates and RVShare?

- How did he decide what to prioritize in his first six months at RVShare?

- How do you manage supply and demand at a growing marketplace

Happy Growing!

Time Stamped Notes

[4:15] - We ask Martijn for his favorite book from 2019, which was the 'High Growth Playbook' by Elad Gil.

[5:45] - Martijn talks us through what he was responsible for during this time, helping to grow 'The Next Web' and 'PostMates.'

[9:10] - One of Martijn's go-to SEO tactics for big marketplaces is to build out filter pages, for example, sorting by neighborhoods, zip codes, food categories, etc. It's a scalable technique that works to attract traffic. It's fundamentally connecting entities.

[11:35] - When deciding to scale out that SEO technique, Martijn didn't have to build a minimal viable version first. He had support from product and engineering to build out the right version based on demonstrating the potential growth opportunity through search volume.

[13:15] - The perfect SEO pod is an SEO manager, engineer, a content person, or people aligned to SEO so that the SEO team can create all the assets they need for growth.

[18:45] - In Martijn's first six months in his new marketing leadership role at RVShare, he focused on discovering new channels for growth. He launched their affiliate program and invested a lot more in search-driven content.

[22:45] - We talk about how Martijn's manages supply and demand at RVShare using a ratio, and how that differed from his time at Postmates.

[25:35] - Both Postmates and RVShare had to account for seasonality as part of their marketing strategy.

[29:30] - Martijn talks about the role data science played in Postmates business model.

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