How Proximity Space are Helping to Connect Remote Workers with Dennis Lankes

Aug 13, 2019 5:07:54 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

Did you know that by 2020, near 40% of workers in the USA will work remotely for some amount of time? That's going to continue to disrupt the way work gets done.

We talk to Dennis Lankes who is the co-founder of Proximity Space an all in one software package for Co-working spaces.

We cover:

- Why companies who don't embrace remote work are facing a tidal wave of disruption
- The advantages of remote work, including a couple you've probably not thought of before.
- How Dennis and team stay close to their users when developing and iterating on their product.

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Time Stamped Notes

[6:40] Dennis takes us through what his company Proximity Space does and how they're helping to connect people who work remotely.

[11:55] Companies who don't adopt a remote work policy are facing a tremendous amount of disruption in the future. One of the upsides of having employees who work remote is they get different perspectives from the different people they'll work with at coworking spaces.

[18:15] People have always wanted the freedom to work remotely; it's not a new trend being made popular by millennials. The reason it's growing in popularity is that technology is helping to facilitate it and make it a reality.

[20:40] 40% of employees in the USA will work some amount of time remotely by 2020.

[26:00] Dennis and his team stay very close to their ideal customers when developing new products. Users of their product are their best source of ideas.

[30:15] Proximity doesn't have a sales team; they have a relationship team. That team's entire job is to start a conversation with a coworking space so they can introduce the value of their software. They try to add value to each of those conversations, even if the coworking space isn't interested in the software. The relationship team is not a commission-based role. Dennis tells us about the benefits of that model.

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