How Supermetrics Added Sales Assisted Revenue to their Business

Apr 23, 2020 4:38:06 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

We talk to Miika Kenttämies, Director of Growth at Supermetrics, about their evolution from a pure self-serve model, to a hybrid between self-serve and sales assisted revenue.

Miika and Supermetrics are at an early stage of building out their growth team, and we get to dig in on what they're currently focusing on, any challenges they've had to overcome, and what learnings Miika would share with others at a similar stage in their growth journey.

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Time Stamped Notes

[2:45] - The growth team at Supermetrics is relatively new. They're focused on revenue.

[3:45] - Growth currently reports to both the CEO and former head of marketing. The reporting structure is very fluid, and Miika expects the report structure to change over time.

[4:45] - Supermetrics originally wanted to start a growth team to take ownership of their marketing automation. Since Miika's joined, he has focused a lot of growth efforts on upgrading users to paid tiers.

[6:05] - One of the projects Miika and the growth team have spent a lot of effort on is getting trial users to speak with their sales team. The sales team is new for Supermetrics. They've been all self-serve to date. Miika and the team have spent a lot of time developing a scoring method to identify trial users who are a good fit for paid versions of their product.

[10:55] - Miika talks through how Supermetrics are currently identifying what trial users they should send to sales.

[14:35] - An example of a signal Miika's team looks for is what data sources users query during the trial and what packages those data sources are available in. 

[17:40] - We talk to Miika about some of the challenges he has faced in getting the growth team up and running at Supermetrics. 

[21:50] - One of the more common problems a growth team faces is the lack of dedicated engineering resources to implement their work. Miika talks about how he is overcoming this at Supermetrics.

[24:50] - Miika talks about the different approaches to creating a growth team, and the path Supermetrics are taking.

[27:15] - When starting a growth team, one of the most important things you can do, to begin with, is figuring out what are the most impactful revenue-generating opportunities you can focus on.

[30:05] - Miika feels what's vital for the future of growth at Supermetrics is less about how the team is structured, but how you prioritize work by how it will impact the success of the business. Miika talks us through what the plans are for the growth team at Supermetrics.

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