How Tatari helps Growth Marketers go from Digital Advertising to TV Advertising

May 26, 2020 4:16:50 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to Philip Inghelbrecht, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tatari, a data and analytics company for TV advertising.

For a lot of us working in marketing and growth, we've leveraged near every digital channel and platform to grow audiences for our company. But, for many of us, it's like we've had very little experience with TV advertising.

Tatari is aiming to change all that by making TV advertising feel just like Digital advertising. We talk to Philip about how he started Tatari, what it is like growing a company in a well-established industry like TV, and how we should measure the performance of our TV ads.

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Time Stamped Notes:

[3:55] - Tatari is a data and analytics company focused on TV advertising. They help clients to both measures and buy advertising spots. They're at 75 employees across three offices (San Fran, LA, New York).

[6:10] - Like most companies, Tatari is currently operating as a remote company. Philip has enjoyed the move to remote work because he's had more time for his family, health, and work. As a company, they've also found the transition to remote work very smooth.

[9:30] - When starting a company, there are many unknowns around the industry in which you're building a product. Philip found that as you learn about those unknowns, they often become a core part of what the product does.

[12:04] - The idea for Tatari came from Philip's experience doing TV advertising at Truecar. Philip feels Truecar wouldn't have been able to go public without it. Truecar turned to TV advertising when they had no more room to grow through digital advertising. The TV advertising market is 70billion a year and continue to grows YoY.

[17:45] - Philip is helping more growth marketers move from digital advertising to TV advertising by making the analytics feel very similar. Philip feels in future growth marketers will be responsible for brand advertising.

[21:00] - Philip goes through how he built the first minimal viable version of the product, pitched it to a company in LA, and received $100k investment on the spot. Tatari has grown with little to no VC investment.

[24:10] - Tatari's revenue comes from a percentage of the Ad dollars spent through its platform.

[25:05] - Before Tatari, companies would often cobble together data in spreadsheets to try to figure out how their TV advertising campaigns were performing.

[26:55] - We talk to Philip about some of the biggest challenges he had in growing Tatari to 75 employees. Focusing on both the long-term mission and hiring great talent are two of Philip's learnings in overcoming difficult challenges. Tatari is competing for the same budget that goes to platform goliaths like Google and Facebook, so competition is fierce.

[30:50] - Philip talks about how Tatari is disrupting the big advertising agencies.

[32:10] - Tatari's sweet spot is with companies who want to move from digital advertising to TV advertising. 

[34:15] - An essential part of Philip's role as CEO is to keep the company focused on the long-term vision. That long-term vision should be reflected in the quarterly goals/plans of all teams at the company. Another vital part of Philip's role is to explore opportunities for the company without distracting everybody; he gives an example of how he did that recently.

[38:00] - Philip talks about the differences in being a founder and working as a leader within a company. He goes through what he has learned during his internal roles.

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