How the Jobs to be Done Framework Drives Repeatable Growth

Nov 26, 2019 4:49:39 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

As product-led companies become more and more common, one of the advantages is how different teams (marketing, product, sales, engineering) can learn from each other.

For example, the jobs to be done framework is a common way for product teams to build their roadmaps. It's can also be an extremely beneficial framework for marketers to learn and use.

We talk to Claire Suellentrop about how she uses the job to be done framework to improve the results of her clients.

We talk:

- Claire's experience working at the fast-growing Calendly as employee number two, the metrics she focused on, and why she left after two years.

- Why the jobs to be done framework differs from persona development and an example of how Claire used it to create better onboarding flows for her client Autobooks.

- How Claire used research from the jobs to be done framework to prioritize what features to build to decrease the time to value of her client's product.

Happy Growing!

Time Stamped Notes

[02:00] - Claire walks us through the company she is working on right now - ForgetTheFunnel, it helps to teach marketers tactics and growth strategies to consistently improve performance.

[04:00] - Claire is monetizing ForgetTheFunnel via a paid course

[05:45] - We talk about Claire's experience at Calendly, where she started as employee number two. Her focus was on getting more users to activate on the product and trying to monetize groups of users from the same company onto a group license.

[09:50] - An active user for Calendly was someone who received a meeting booking without having to go back and forth via email. Claire worked hard to make this easy to do for users.

[12:45] - Claire decided to leave Calendly so she could focus on the problem of activation and retention for a variety of different SaaS products.

[15:05] - Claire talks to us about the difference between jobs to be done and persona development. Doing jobs to be done research helps you understand why people make buying decisions.

[16:40] - Claire walks us through an example of how she used the jobs to be done framework to improve the activation rates for Autobooks dramatically.

[24:00] - The jobs to be done framework can help you form a customer acquisition strategy that maps to the buying process your ideal customers go through before arriving at your software.

[26:00] - Claire gives an example of how the jobs to be done research helped the product team at Autobooks decide on what features to develop to shorten the time to activation

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