How to Grow a Company During Turbulent Times

Apr 14, 2020 4:22:53 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

One of the most common problems I see in fast-growing companies is the consistency of tone and voice across publishing content.

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to May Habib, co-founder, and CEO of Qordoba, a company focused on helping brands solve that problem.

We talk to May about her thoughts on remote work and how they've changed during the COVID crisis as her entire company has been working from home. We also talk about customer acquisition for Qordoba, the difficulties of marketing a product with a broad set of use-cases, and how to decide between a free trial and freemium.

Time Stamped Notes

[2:30] - Qordoba is a distributed company with 27 employees. They're at one million in ARR, have a lot of clients in tech, and provide an AI assistant for teams to help them produce consistent quality in their content.

[4:10] - May's opinion of remote work has changed a lot due to the COVID crisis. Before the COVID crisis, the go-to-market teams worked four days a week in the office. Since the company went fully remote due to the crisis, May has been impressed with how well the company has adapted to remote work. She sees people working from home a lot more frequently.

[6:20] - Qordoba is a pivot from a localization company. During their time building that company, May and her founding team continued to find companies struggled with maintaining consistency of voice and quality across their content. They decided to pivot the business and work on solving that problem. 

[9:40] - We talk to May about what companies would use to solve their problems before discovering Qordoba.

[13:05] - May brings us through the differences between who buys Qordoba and who uses the product. 

[18:05] - Qordoba works within the browser and will suggest changes to people's content based on the writing style guide created for the company.

[20:20] - Qordoba solves many use cases in a B2B setting. To help with customer acquisition, May's focused the company efforts on acquiring marketers who want to ensure consistency of tone and voice across all customer-facing content.

[26:20] - We talk about what customer acquisition channels are working for Qordoba. Outreach email has worked great, but they've recently started pivoting to a more inbound marketing strategy. Their inbound efforts are focused on attracting content strategists to their brand.

[30:20] - We talk about why May chose a Free trial for Qordoba instead of a Freemium option. However, May and her team are now working on a freemium option for users.

[33:00] - May talks about the considerations the team at Qordoba need to make when deciding on what to offer in their freemium tier.

[35:00] - May and her team are focusing on usage limits and access to plugins as the upgrade points from free to paid.

[39:50] - When deciding to launch a freemium product, there is always some initial friction with the sales team. May discusses how she is handling that at Qordoba.

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