How to properly measure content marketing? Is social media effective for B2B? and more with Ryan Bonnici

Aug 7, 2018 11:59:32 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What we cover in Episode 4

Companies struggle a lot with understanding if their content marketing is delivering value or not. Maybe that's because they haven't discovered the one metric that actually matters when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of their content efforts?

Also, are there more effective ways to structure your content marketing team to get better at the publishing, optimization, and promotion of your content?

And, is social media actually effective for B2B companies?


We cover all that and more on episode three of the Growth TLDR with CMO of G2Crowd, Ryan Bonnici.

Topic 1: The Most Important Marketing Metric You're Not Measuring

- We talk to Ryan about how you can better measure the success of your content marketing efforts. We talk about using a topic approach vs. a channel approach and what metrics to measure each topic by.

- G2Crowd have developed their own in-house method for accessing what topics they should create content about based upon the existing competition for that topic.

- Topics that perform well in one channel e.g. blog typically perform well across all channels. Find out why that is.

Topic 2: Is it Time to Restructure Your Content Marketing Team?

- Are there benefits to rethinking how we structure certain teams. For example, should we think about merging teams like SEO and Content marketing onto the same team? It would mean we would need to hire or train people to both skill sets.

- G2Crowd have structured their content marketing teams to be 'search first'. Their content team uses keyword research to determine the content they create and they do promotion of that content via community outreach.

- Ryan thinks one of the most underutilized tactics to be more successful in content marketing is keyword research for what top of funnel content to create. Listen to the example Ryan gives from G2Crowd on how he takes a broad topic and makes it applicable to their business.

Topic 3: What is the Role of Social Media in B2B

- Are there any good examples of companies doing great social media in B2B? We discuss why most B2B companies struggle with social.

- The number one factor that makes social effective for B2B companies is to make it more about the people in the company vs. the company itself. Ryan gives some examples of how to make social more personal so it has a real connection with the audience.

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