How Website Personalization Can Grow Leads by 200%

Apr 9, 2020 3:53:07 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk about a growth tactic you likely haven't invested in yet - website personalization.

We talk to founder and CEO of Mutiny, Jaleh Rezaei, about how B2B can better leverage website personalization as a growth lever for their business.

We step through the best use cases for website personalization and how it can have a real impact on your business. We go through the best data points to segment your visitors, examples of how brands like Gusto and Amplitude have used personalization to increase their leads, and what impact COVID-19 has had on Jaleh's growth strategy for Mutiny.

Time Stamped Notes:

[2:55] - Mutiny was founded in June 2018 as part of Y combinator summer intake for that year. They list some of the fastest-growing B2B companies as their clients, and they help them to increase leads by up to 200% through website personalization.

[5:05]- Jaleh talks us through her experience with website personalization before starting Mutiny. At Vmware and Gusto, Jaleh repeatedly saw significant increases in qualified leads as a result of personalizing the website, but it involved a lot of custom work. She decided to leave her job and build software to help make the process easier.

[9:35] - We talk through Jaleh's framework for when and how companies should invest in website personalization.

[11:40] - We step through how Mutiny helps to make an ABM campaign a lot more successful. It allows SDRs to create a custom web page for each brand they reach out to by dynamically personalizing things like case studies, testimonials, and copy on the page.

[16:15] - A common error people make when undertaking website personalization is to over complicate things. The best place to start is on your highest-traffic pages. Jaleh takes us through an example of how Amplitude used personalization to increase leads from their pricing page by 54%.

[20:20] - We talk about some of the most common data points to build your website personalization around:

a. IP Data: Company Size, Industry, Technology Stack, Geography
b. Behavioral: What web pages did they view
c. CRM: Sync with your CRM data
d. Advertising: Sync with your paid advertising platforms

[23:00] - Mutiny does lead scoring to categorize visitors by where they are in the purchase funnel.

[27:20] - Jaleh talks us through how new privacy restrictions like GDPR or the new cookie laws impact a company like Mutiny.

[30:30] - We ask Jaleh about the origins of their brand name Mutiny

[32:50] - We talk to Jaleh about the impact of COVID-19 on her business and what advice she has for other founders to get through it:

a. Be transparent with employees. Be honest; let them know you don't have all the answers.
b. Do the next right thing. There are a lot of unknowns; the best thing to focus on is what's the best thing you can do for the business.
c. Make sure your messaging is emphatic about what companies are going through.
d. Make it easy for people to get in contact with you e.g., adding chat to your website.

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