How You Can Use Viral Giveaways, LinkedIn Status Updates and Email Marketing 301 to Grow Your Business.

Aug 21, 2018 6:57:32 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What we cover in Episode 6

In this weeks episode of the Growth TL;DR we talk to David Kelly, GM of King Sumo. We cover:

1. LinkedIn Status Updates: We talk about what format generally works, why you shouldn't copy what everyone else is doing and how do companies leverage them to grow.

2. Email Marketing 301: Why email is still one of the best ways to grow your business and why it's probably not working for you right now.

3. Viral Giveaways: We give some real examples of people who are using viral giveaways to explode their list growth.

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Topic 1: How to Promote Content on Social Media

- David shares data comparing the performance of content shared on LinkedIn vs. Twitter or Facebook.

- Noah Kagan's approach to succeeding with LinkedIn status updates and what you can learn.

- How you should think about prioritizing the social media channels your business should focus on.

Topic 2: Email Marketing 301

- Great email marketing today requires tools that allow you to test different pop-ups and content upgrade formats.

- Why inactive pruning should be an integral part of your email marketing plan.

- Can bots and email live happily together?

Topic 3: Viral Giveaways

- How AppSumo leveraged viral giveaways to grow their business

- What are the most important factors that go into a viral giveaway

- What are the most successful viral giveaways David has done and why?

What to Check Out From This Show

- Zero to Launch Book

- KingSumo (software that helps you do Viral Giveaways)

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