Is brand more important than tech? What is Product-Feature fit? and more with Nicholas Holland

Jul 31, 2018 1:50:11 PM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What we cover in Episode 3

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the importance of brand for tech companies, in fact, in a recent article from Cameron McLain, it was argued that brand can be companies real moat. Is that true?

We dive in with Nicholas Holland, VP of Product at HubSpot and General Manager for their marketing hub.

We also cover product-feature fit. In a recent article from Casey Winters, he argues that new product features should be retired if they don't hit certain metrics, find how what they are, and if we agree.

Finally, have you ever wanted 0% churn, of course, you do, we jump into an example of a company who has it, and ask is it scalable?


All that and much more on episode three of the Growth TL;DR.

Topic 1: The Value of a Brand for Tech Companies

- With people exposed to more brands than ever, and the speed of innovation rendering advantages in tech near obsolete (Facebook copying SnapChat), is brand now you real moat? We ask Nicholas is his the importance of product under threat.

- We talk about the importance of growth through word of mouth and is it something that's achievable for most companies.

- Why you should always be on the lookout for ankle biters :) Nicholas fills us in.

Topic 2: Product Feature Fit

- What metrics should new product features be held accountable to or else they should be retired?

- We ask Nicholas is it possible to test new product features before having to put them live?

- How should new product features help to drive their own adoption?

Topic 3: How to Support Customers on Slack and Improve Churn Rate

- Is 0% churn realistic? Maybe not for big companies, but we do cover some interesting methods of how you can keep it low by using slack communities.

Articles Mentioned in this Show

>> The Value of a Brand for Tech Companies

>> Feature/Product Fit

>> A 0% Chance of Churn: Why Supporting Customers on Slack is the Hottest Trend for SaaS companies.

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