Organic Clicks Dying on Mobile? Google Taking Over Podcasting? and more with Matthew Barby | EP02

Jul 15, 2018 10:54:19 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

What we cover in Episode 2

Google is still one of the most reliable platforms for growth. But the platform continues to evolve bringing with it both opportunities and challenges for those businesses who rely on organic traffic.

We spent some time talking with Matthew Barby on all things Google.

We covered the changing click-through rates of Google's search result pages on both desktop and mobile. We dug into Google's latest ploy to become the number one distribution platform for platforms, and debate the future effects for all of us as Google increasingly makes every effort to steal your clicks.


All that and much more on episode two of the Growth TL;DR.

Topic 1: How Google’s organic and paid click-through rates have changed in the past three years

- Just how have the click-through rates for Google's organic results changed on desktop and mobile over the past three years?

- Why the SEO basics still matter with examples from HubSpot, PandaDoc, and Zapier of winning SEO strategies that you can learn from.

- What the future of search might be on mobile and what it could mean for you.

- And, just why was Kieran's SEO skills referred to as black magic.

Topic 2: Is Google building their own AI driven Wikipedia?

- Google has released a number of different algorithms that allow them to scrape content and stitch it back together to create human-readable articles.

- How a lot of Google's recent updates are motivated by their goal to be the leader of voice-assisted search.

- Is there any way for us marketers to be less dependent on platforms like Google? We give the example of Pinterest.

Topic 3: Google is set to surface results for Podcasts alongside text and video in their main search result pages.

- Why in future it could make sense for you to think about search queries when recording episodes of your Podcast.

- How companies like Castbox are making actual podcast episodes searchable.

- What would black-hat SEO look like for podcasts?

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