The Emotional Targeting Framework Talia Wolf Uses to Grow Revenue for Customers

Sep 24, 2019 4:29:57 AM
Author: Kieran Flanagan

How would you like to grow revenue for your business without needing more traffic, signups, or leads? It sounds pretty great, right?

Well, one question to ask is:

"Have I done enough conversion rate optimization for my website?."

We talk to Talia Wolf, a renowned expert in the world of conversion rate optimization and founder of GetUpLift about the framework she uses to generate results time and time again.

We cover:

- How every project Talia takes on starts with research broken out into data and strategy. We cover how she does each of them.
- The customer questions that'll get you the insights needed to improve your conversions. I've already started to use them.
- A framework Talia uses to identify the emotions of her buyers and how she uses that information to create better web experiences.

Happy Growing!

Time Stamped Notes

[6:30] - Talia was doing conversion optimization before it was a stand-alone discipline. When she started a lot of her time was spent helping companies understand why it was a worthwhile investment.

[11:05] - Talia starts every conversion optimization project with research. The first part is data-driven and focuses on the analytics. The second part is customer-driven.

Tools used during the data analysis include Google analytics, the companies CRM, and heat mapping tools.

For customer research, Talia builds a 'voice of the customer.' It creates a profile for the different users of the website Talia is working on.

[16:15] - People make decisions based on their emotions, and then attempt to rationalize them.

Talia goes to considerable efforts to understand those emotions. She'll start by surveying both customers and visitors to the website.

Customer surveys are only valuable if you can ask the right questions that will result in insights you can use across your website. An example is asking customers how they were solving the problem your product solves before purchasing it.

[20:55] - To get more customers answering your survey, Talia gives two great tips:

1. Add your customer survey to thank you pages that customers land on after downloading a piece of content or signing up to your email list.
2. If sending your survey by email, do it within 24 hours of that user completing an action that shows their engaged.

When sending the survey, tell the customer what's in it for them by giving you that information. Let them know you'll use the information to improve a feature and make their lives better.

[24:15] - A couple of Talia's favorite questions to ask are:

1. If we took the product away from you tomorrow, what would you miss most?
2. If you had to convince a friend to use this product, what is the one thing you would tell them about?

[27:00] - We walk through Talia's emotional framework that helps you identify the different emotions of your website users, talk to those emotions on your website and run A/B tests against them.

Talia takes us through an example of how this framework increases sales for a client by 15%.

[32:10] - There are five stages of awareness that people go through when making a purchase decision:

1. You're initially unaware that you have a problem
2. You're aware you have a problem, but don't know how to solve it
3. You're aware of both your problem and that there are solutions for it
4. You're product aware, people are aware of your product, and are evaluating it against other options
5. Finally, people want to buy your product and come to your website to do it.

[34:40] - To figure out how web pages map to different awareness stages, Talia uses Google search to go through the customer journey.

[36:25] - Talia tells us why so many people misunderstand color psychology

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