Jul 16, 2019 4:28:55 AM

The Future of Content Marketing with Doug Kessler

Can you imagine a world before content marketing was such an essential pillar in every companies marketing efforts?

Topics: content marketing, Podcast, Founder

Apr 2, 2019 4:44:02 AM

The Walmart Content Marketing Strategy with Edward Ford

What we cover in EP34?

We love unveiling new marketing strategies here on the GrowthTLDR :) In this weeks episode we talk to Edward Ford who is the Marketing Director at Supermetrics.

We talk about customer research and how marketers often undervalue the impact of it. We cover the essential customer insights to get and the importance of understanding your customer's buying trigger.

Topics: content marketing, Podcast, Leader

Jan 8, 2019 5:28:30 AM

Rethinking Your Content Marketing Strategy with Jimmy Daly @Animalz

What we cover in Episode 23

How would you like to be ahead of the curve on how you can rethink your content marketing strategy? You know early adopters generally win, right?

In episode 23 we talk to Jimmy Daly about how you should stop thinking of your blog as a publication.

Topics: content marketing, Podcast, Leader

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